Corona: City cancels Stuttgart Christmas Market - Appeal to federal and state governments to support caterers and showmen

The state capital is cancelling the Stuttgart Christmas Market. Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper said on Monday, 22 November: "Even though it hurts unbelievably, we now have no other choice. We have tried everything to make the Christmas market possible. However, after other large Christmas markets in the region, especially the Baroque Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg and the Medieval Christmas Market in Esslingen, were cancelled today, we are pulling the emergency brake. After the cancellation of the markets in Ludwigsburg and Esslingen, an enormous rush of visitors would be inevitable in Stuttgart. This would no longer be controllable and manageable under Corona conditions." Nopper appealed to the federal and state governments to support the caterers and showmen affected by the Christmas market cancellations with targeted Corona aid measures. "These are overwhelmingly small family businesses whose existence is threatened as a result of the pandemic, now even worse this winter than before," Nopper concluded.