Children’s Fairyland with get involved activities

When the mini railway takes the little visitors on their steaming and loudly hissing journey through the winter landscape, there will be no stopping their amazement. Also awaiting the youngest visitors are the mini big wheel and one nostalgic fairground ride. The Children’s Fairyland on the Schlossplatz square is also well worth a visit for families.

Bake your own gingerbread hearts  

“Have a go yourself” is the motto at Melanie Weeber’s gingerbread stall. Using icing, pearls and little flowers, everybody can decorate their very own gingerbread hearts to their heart’s delight. Thirty minutes later and their creations are dried, packed and waiting to be collected.

Chocolate fruits to one’s heart’s delight

Strawberries, pineapples, apples, bananas and grapes – at Christian von Berg’s “Candy Schokofrüchte” stall everybody decides for themselves in which order the chocolate fruits are placed on the wooden skewer. Also it is totally up to the taste of the hobby chocolatiers as to whether the delicious own creations are dipped in the fountains with dark, whole milk or white chocolate. The self-service chocolate fruit stall celebrated its premiere at the 2012 Stuttgart Christmas Market and will again be wanting to delight both young and old children.

Christmas bakers for the youngest visitors

“In der Weihnachtsbäckerei, gibt es manche Leckerei…” – the well-known German children’s song written by Rolf Zuckowski – which can be roughly translated as “In the Christmas bakery, there’s lots of lovely treats” – is the motto for the stall run by “Bäckerei Lang”. Guided by the expert staff at the children’s bakery, the little ones can create and bake their own colourful traditional Christmas cookies made of shortcrust pastry. After paying a minimal charge to cover the costs which then goes to charity, every child will be given a apron and can try their hand themselves.

Designing your own candles

Ernst Stäblein’s candle workshop is the biggest stall at the Christmas Market. Young candle makers can take the variously shaped and sized blank candles and craft them to their heart’s desire in the 24 bowls of wax. They will make a unique Christmas gift. Beeswax candles can also be rolled by hand.

Handicrafts in the “Land der Lichter

There’s handicrafts and painting in Thomas Vogt’s “Land der Lichter” (Land of Lights). Using ready-made pieces of stained glass, children stick together window pictures made of polished glass plate. Windlights can also be coloured.